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BioWare Seeks Fan Input on Mass Effect Remaster


BioWare Seeks Fan Input on Mass Effect Remaster

BioWare general manager, Aaryn Flynn, posted in a NeoGAF thread asking for ideas on a Mass Effect trilogy remaster. While he was unable to confirm if work on a remaster had begun, he was open to suggestions.

Flynn listed his own ideas based on personal preference and previous input from fans. Flynn’s “wishlist” included 1080p/60 fps and high resolution textures, with a focus on bringing Mass Effect 1 up to date.

Seemless implementation of all Mass Effect DLC was a popular suggestion. Flynn agreed, saying:

“[The DLC] should just all be there, as if it never wasn’t there (if that makes sense).”

This would allow players to smoothly begin DLC quests at the appropriate time in the story. Flynn also expressed interest in allowing the games to flow from one to the other upon completion without the use of menus or save imports.

Although BioWare doesn’t have anything official to say about a potential Mass Effect remaster, there’s no doubt it would be a smart move on the company’s part. Despite the drama surrounding Mass Effect 3‘s ending, Mass Effect is still one of the most highly regarded video game series in recent gaming history. It might be more of a matter of when than if.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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