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Battlefield 4 Final Stand Gets a Release Date


Battlefield 4 Final Stand Gets a Release Date

After a long period of over a year, Battlefield 4 is closing its own circle. From a truly awful launch to a semi-futuristic final expansion, Battlefield players have had a long path filled with emotions. Now, during Battlefield 4’s best moment ever, Final Stand got a release date.

Premium Battlefield 4 players will finally be able to enjoy the final expansion on November 18, which is an odd date taking into account the crazy amount of games being released that same day. As usual, non-Premium members will have to wait a bit more, and will get their much awaited turn on December 2.

As it’s been stated before, Final Stand will include high-tech prototype weapons and new vehicles (snowmobile and hovering tanks) in a completely new pack of 4 snow-covered maps.

The good thing is that it won’t matter if your squad is fighting in the middle of a blizzard or inside a secret hangar, Battlefield 4 Final Stand will definitely bring a much truer BF experience than Dragon’s Teeth, taking into account its big maps and the return of heavy vehicles.

Time to get your friends ready for some wintry shootouts and to celebrate the fact that Battlefield 4 is working pretty well and delivering much of the fun we expected a year ago.

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