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Amiibo UK Release Waves 3 and 4 Revealed


Amiibo UK Release Waves 3 and 4 Revealed

Amiibo stands ready to take the world by storm later this month as wave 1 crashes into the western world. Wave 2 isn’t exactly far behind either. What gave UK Nintendo fans a little boost this morning can be seen below, as the gaming giant’s European arm offered a taste of what’s to come.

amiibo nintendo

The image above was part of a tweet put out by Nintendo of Europe and shows waves 3 and 4 of the Amiibo invasion.

Wave 3, landing on UK shores January 23rd, will see a number of favorite characters finding their way into the hands of players. Mario series bad guy Bowser is joined by Toon Link, Sheik, and Lucario. Rounding out wave 3 we see Ike and Rosalina. Quite a nice wave of 6 characters no matter who you are really.

Wave 4 is slightly smaller but will no doubt get longtime fans of Nintendo, Sega, and Capcom a little hot under the collar. Nintendo themselves are out in force with Xenoblade‘s Shulk backed up with King Dedede and Meta Knight of Kirby fame. Bringing up the rear are Sega’s speed freak hedgehog Sonic and everyone’s favorite robot Megaman.

That’s an extra 11 characters coming to an already strong stable of Amiibo figures over a four month period. One does have to wonder where Nintendo will go next and whether Amiibo will be a roaring success or become nothing more than a joke in coming years. Either way it is quite nice to see the Japanese gaming company branching out into new things.

Do you think Amiibo is a great idea? Can’t you wait to get your hands on your own personal Mario figurine? Maybe you’d rather see Nintendo focus on bringing more software to their consoles than taking a merry walk down figurine lane? Hell maybe Amiibo is the reason why you’re buying a WiiU. Why not let us know in the comments down below.

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