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Amiibo Figures Are Not Region Locked


Amiibo Figures Are Not Region Locked

For years Nintendo have been quite heavy-handed with the idea of region locking their hardware. After Nintendo executive Satoru Iwata stated recently that there was a possibility that region locking on their hardware would drift away a small smile stretched across many western faces at the prospect of getting their hands on the goodies Japanese fans often take for granted. Amiibo figurines could be the first step towards this removal of region locking as it has been discovered they are not in region locked.

After updating a Japanese console’s firmware, IGN discovered that one of their American figurines could be registered on the Japanese profile.

This opens up a whole realm of possibilities for Nintendo’s jump into the NFC (Near Field Communication) characters that have seen success across Europe and America with titles like Disney Infinity. If characters are released in Japan but not yet in Europe or if that wonderful Samus figure is out of stock in the US but available in the EU, players will be able to simply import them to fulfill the urge to collect.

Amiibo promises to bring a wide range of features to pre-existing Nintendo titles like new costumes for Mii characters in Mario Kart 8 and plenty of others.

Amiibo wave 1 is due to hit US shores November 21st with UK shores seeing this same wave a week later to coincide with the Super Smash Bros. WiiU release. Wave 2 follows reaching both the US and the UK during December 2014.

Do you think Amiibo is a great idea? Can’t you wait to get your hands on your own personal Mario figurine? Maybe you’d rather see Nintendo focus on bringing more software to their consoles than taking a merry walk down figurine lane? Hell maybe Amiibo is the reason why you’re buying a WiiU. Why not let us know in the comments down below.

Source: IGN

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