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Alien: Isolation Patch 1.01 PS4 Issues Can Be Fixed


Alien: Isolation Patch 1.01 PS4 Issues Can Be Fixed

Patching up a game on any console can often have undesired consequences both for the players and the game itself. Alien: Isolation it appears is no different as players have been reporting that the recent Patch 1.1 has caused some fairly significant game breaking issues on PlayStation 4.

The patch was created simply to fix an issue with cut-scene stuttering which was present on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from release. This issue existed simply because the consoles upon which Alien: Isolation was tested didn’t have the same software as those in the hands of consumers.  What actually happened though was that at the beginning of mission 5, Alien: Isolation simply freezes up on PlayStation 4.

It has also lead to some save files made after mission 5 apparently not working. The plus side is that SEGA have offered up a fix for the issue so PlayStation 4 owners take note of what’s down below as a quick fix.

In the meantime, we want to make sure that this issue doesn’t prevent you playing Alien: Isolation. With this in mind, we’ve removed patch v1.02 from the servers for PS4 only. If you have already downloaded patch v1.02 and you are experiencing problems, please follow these steps to revert to v1.01:

  1. Uninstall Alien: Isolation from your PS4, being careful to retain your save games.
  2. Reinstall Alien: Isolation to your PS4.
  3. Download and install patch v1.01 from the PlayStation Network.
    Source: Alien Isolation Forums

It does mean that people who downloaded the full game from the PlayStation Store will have to re-download Alien: Isolation but in terms of actually playing the game, it’s better than nothing.

The team at Creative Assembly are “currently working with Sony on a fix and will have that available as soon as possible,”. A new patch will be available as soon as one exists which doesn’t cause a game breaking issue.


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