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6 Reasons to Join Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Amazing Revolution


6 Reasons to Join Assassin’s Creed Unity’s Amazing Revolution

Influence the French Revolution


Next week one of the most anticipated titles for the year will be release: Assassin’s Creed Unity. With a new turning point in history to influence and a new protagonist it aims to be one  of the biggest entries in the series yet. Are you still on the fence about whether or not it deserves your hard-earned money? Have no fear, for here are 5 reasons why it just may be worth your time to jump into the fray.

Assassin’s Creed Unity throws you right into the center of France’s biggest turning point in history: the French Revolution. Witness as a beautiful nation becomes flooded with death and war, as you explore a France that has been painstakingly recreated. Battle the aristocracy and the church as you uncover a brutal conspiracy that has sparked a nation of oppressed to take up arms.

The folks over at Ubisoft have done an excellent job introducing you to important events in history with their twists on well-known facts. Unity looks to be no different in its recreation of a brutal war between the monarchy and its subjects. If you’re into helping out the less fortunate while pulling off slick assassinations on the way, this may be more than enough reason to invest your cash and time.


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