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5 Surefire Ways PS4 Can Guarantee a Phenomenal 2015


5 Surefire Ways PS4 Can Guarantee a Phenomenal 2015

It’s pretty well known that the PlayStation 4 has had a better first year than anyone could have imagined. They came out swinging and have done an impressive job of amassing over 13 million sales. That is no small feat when you consider the fact that they did so while up against two other video game juggernauts. But, there is no time for rest if they hope to keep up the momentum they have. The public’s favor can be a fickle thing and it is a difficult task to stay on top when everyone wants your spot. Luckily, there are 5 ways that could possibly help the PlayStation 4 continue their streak.

1) Games, Games, Games


When you make a video game console one of the most important things you need to convey to customers is that you will have the software to support it. Nobody wants to buy a machine only to have nothing to play on it. The PlayStation 4 has done a great job of keeping a steady stream of software rolling out, but it has been a slow stream.

Sure they have had a healthy dose of AAA, multi-platform support, but they are going to need a lot more of that if they hope to keep up their success. It is understandable that Sony wants to give each of their studios ample time to create solid gameplay experiences for their gameplay community. There isn’t a sane gamer alive that would argue against that, especially in a year that has been riddled by underwhelming titles.

But, exclusives are often the deciding factor for those seeking to purchase new hardware. So far there have been 4 AAA exclusives found only on the PlayStation 4 in its first year in the US. Three of those 4 were released during the launch window. While the competition is pushing out major exclusive titles, the PlayStation 4 has been resting on its third party partnerships and heavy indie support.

If they want to continue the hype they are going to have to push for more exclusive AAA titles in order to increase their numbers at the pace they’ve set. With an already impressive lineup slated for 2015, it seems like they may be well underway in making this a reality.

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