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5 Things You Absolutely Must Do in Far Cry 4


5 Things You Absolutely Must Do in Far Cry 4

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1. Ride an Elephant

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A new mechanic introduced in Far Cry 4 is the player’s ability to ride and weaponize elephants. Once you’re seated atop one of these powerful animals, Ajay is practically invincible. You can charge towards enemy vehicles, ram them, and knock them over. Alternatively, you can get the elephant to toss an enemy soldier high up in the air with a flick of its trunk. Whichever you choose, elephants are a great means for taking down enemy soldiers and liberating outposts.

You can also use an elephant as a mode of transport to get around in Kyrat. If that’s a little too slow for your tastes, there are other vehicles available for you to choose from…


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