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These 5 Oddly Exciting Features Make ArcheAge Worth Trying


These 5 Oddly Exciting Features Make ArcheAge Worth Trying

ArcheAge is a new free to play MMORPG that seems to be exploding into the MMO world. Siv HD, CohhCarnage and many other popular gaming personalities are breaking out of their typical game genres to try out ArcheAge and they seem to be enjoying it. ArcheAge does indeed feel different than most MMORPGs, however. There are newer features, some of which are just plain weird, but they seem to really make the game feel more original than a standard cookie-cutter MMORPG.

 Sprint Function

ArcheAge Sprinting

While a lot of MMORPGs have a sprint function, in some, you have to level up to a point and only certain classes will get it. This is especially satisfying because in a lot of MMOs, the quests at early levels require that you traverse entire continents (okay I’m exaggerating but you get it) and sprinting makes this about 15x less brutal. Even though it does take up stamina/mana, it takes very little at a time and you can sprint for 40-ish seconds before being out of stamina/mana. Overall, this makes the entire early game a lot smoother and more bearable. You even get a neat little animation around you that looks like you’re breaking the sound barrier.

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