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3 Reasons Why Kyrat Is a Fantastic Setting for Far Cry 4


3 Reasons Why Kyrat Is a Fantastic Setting for Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4

The Himalayas stretch through several countries in Asia; a region full of hundreds of unique cultures and ethnicities, religions and beliefs, unique wildlife and ecological systems. There is no where else quite like it. The region boasts lowland jungles overflowing with wild cannabis before giving way to rolling pine forests that grow ever more sparse as the elevation increases and the air thins. Prayer flags snap in the wind, bright dabs of color against the world’s highest mountain peaks shrouded in snow and clouds. You may stumble on a town with a devout Hindu population, yet a few miles away you will find people spinning Tibetan-Buddhist prayer wheels on their daily kora, chanting mantras along the way.

It’s not entirely surprising that Ubisoft would adapt this fascinating setting for its next Far Cry iteration. Mountains, snow leopards, elephants, temples – there’s a lot to explore and do. Here are just a few reasons why Kyrat is the perfect setting for Far Cry 4.


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