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Zelda Fans Working on Ocarina of Time 2D Remake


Zelda Fans Working on Ocarina of Time 2D Remake

Some very devoted, very talented Zelda fans have a 2D remake of Ocarina of Time in the works. The Nintendo 64 classic is getting the retro treatment, fitted with a top down view. The team working on the game are working to make the game look like A Link to the Past. The group is making the game from scratch without a pre-existing engine or tool, such as Game Maker.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D

So far the game, dubbed OoT 2D, seems to be pretty faithful to the source material. The meticulous attention to detail means that things are slow-going, the project so far is only at 10% completion. The game does reuse some assets from previous Zelda games, but also features newly drawn graphics and music.

When finished, OoT 2D will be playable on PC. Those who are itching to try the game out before hand can download a demo build. Alternatively, you can check out the game’s opening cutscene. Featuring the Deku Tree, the high level of fidelity is quite impressive:


If you’re a Zelda fan, you might be missing out if you skip out on this demo. Hopefully Nintendo won’t smash this project of love with the copyright ban hammer.


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