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Xbox One Outsold PS4 in September According to Prediction


Xbox One Outsold PS4 in September According to Prediction

It seems that Sony’s grip on console sales has started to slip ever so slightly, at least according to new analyst reports.

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter released a report that predicts that Microsoft’s Xbox One outsold Sony’s PS4 at retail in the month of September 2014. Pachter estimates that Microsoft sold 325,000 new Xbox One’s at U.S. retailers last month while Sony sold 250,000 PS4’s. This would mark only the second time that the Xbox One has overtaken the PS4 as the month’s highest selling game console since they both launched back in November 2013.

What is even more remarkable is that more Xbox Ones were sold in September of all months, the month that marked the release of Bungie’s Destiny. The game had been heavily marketed as a PS4 title even though it was available on the Xbox One and both last-generation consoles. Pachter sites Microsoft bundling and deals in September as the biggest reason for the uptick. Customers would receive a free game with a purchase of a new Xbox One, even if it was already bundled with another game. Gamers could get an Xbox One with Destiny and Madden NFL 15 for $400 or a PS4 bundled with Destiny for $450.

“I kind of think that free Destiny [on Xbox One] was better than paying for Destiny on PS4. That’s pretty compelling.”


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