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Xbox Live Gold Free All Weekend Long


Xbox Live Gold Free All Weekend Long

If you’ve only been enjoying the offline side of the Xbox 360, Microsoft is going to give you a taste of what you’re missing. This weekend, Xbox 360 users will be able to experience the “true potential of play” and use Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold features for free. The service, which usually requires a monthly or yearly paid subscription, will also let players access the library of free to play games, like World of Tanks, Happy Wars, and AirMech Arena that normal Xbox Live Gold subscribers are able to access in addition to discounts on full retail games.

The free Xbox Live Gold promotion is only for Xbox 360 users and will only run from October 10 to October 12. If you’ve never experiences Xbox Live Gold, or you’re like me and just let your subscription lapse, simply log into your XBL account this weekend to enjoy all the features Xbox Live Gold has to offer.

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