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The Worshiper – Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide


The Worshiper – Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide

Lords of the Fallen‘s boss battles are consistently the most enjoyable part of the game. The Worshiper (who in the launch build does have his name spelt incorrectly, be that a design choice or a general cock up) is probably the boss which will be something of a roadblock to players who first meet him. His most powerful ability is unavoidable and an instant killer unless you know exactly how to avoid it.

Anyway, let’s get to giving you the lowdown on taking out Lords of the Fallen‘s scythe wielding menace.

The first ability you’re likely to encounter when doing battle with the Worshiper is a spike summon. He only throws this out when you are at a distance and it can be easily avoided. Signified by him slamming down his scythe sideways then pulling it to his front, this ability summons pools of blue mist which are then penetrated by a rising tentacle. It may sound a little terrifying but he only summons 4 spikes at a fairly slow pace so they can be easily avoided by simply moving.

The Worshiper also throws sets of purple balls at you, typically when you’re strafing at a middling distance from his reach. Deal with these exactly the same as you do with the spike summons, keep moving to the left or right to avoid problems. Throwing in a dodging roll when they get close can help you to ensure avoidance of the attack but the only way to nullify this complete is to keep close. Like most attacks in Lords of the Fallen these can also be blocked but that’s a waste of precious energy.

His third symphony of destruction is fairly basic and provides you with both a reason to be wary and an opportunity to strike. Favoring to use his scythe directly instead of a channeling tool for any spells, the Worshiper will swing his scythe twice in the hopes of killing you. These swings do hurt, perhaps a little more than is necessary, but when they are so easy to block there’s no real excuse for being hit by them. After his second swing he will be stationary for a couple of seconds. This is your chance to jump into the fray and rain down upon him with a couple of strikes.

In typical Lords of the Fallen fashion however, the Worshiper still has something up his armored sleeve. The nasty little sod will raise his scythe and roar. This is your cue to move back and preferably behind him as seconds later his immediate area will be full of a stunning spell. The Scythe Sleep as I’ll take to calling it barely does any damage directly but it will cause Harkyn to stagger and stumble.

Being caught by this can lead to a nasty pair of scythe marks on your chest when he turns around to dish out some punishment as so many Lords of the Fallen enemies do. Avoiding it, however, is painfully simple. Move away form him and you’ll be safe. You can even use the time when he’s on the ground to throw in a cheeky stab.

After his first health bar has been removed – and subsequent ones until he dies – the Worshiper will fall to his knees and extend his left arm. This is NOT an opportunity to go wail on him. This is in fact an opportunity to get the hell out of there and run into one of the holy alcoves dotted around the arena. These are fairly easy to see as they glow a bright, golden color. If you’re not inside one of these when he finishes his rather long spell cast you will die, instantly. As a result, it simply isn’t worth the effort of trying to deal more damage. Just run so you don’t have to face this Lords of the Fallen boss again.

When the spell is over though you have a fantastic chance to deal a sizable amount of damage as he will roar in victory. Should your health be low, its wise to pop a potion when you’re within an alcove as you’ll have plenty of time. Make sure you don’t take on the Worshiper next to the alcoves too. His scythe swings are powerful and easily capable of breaking them apart, robbing you of a precious safe place to avoid another Lords of the Fallen loading screen.

The only other major change that comes about during your time fighting the Worshiper is after that also comes after the first of his health bars has been depleted. He will put the base of his scythe into the ground and summon two shining blue orbs. These then become two small and fast enemies, the ones you’ll have met at the gates to his arena in fact. While quite easy to kill, they are quick and can pack a punch. They can be very easily dealt with by actually using the Worshiper swings and spells against them as his attacks hurt them too.

Or just keep them alive until he casts his huge explosive attack, which will kill them instantly. Enemy attacks killing other enemies is actually fairly commonplace in Lords of the Fallen so use it where possible.

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