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Watch Two Players Beat Destiny's Infamous Vault of Glass


Watch Two Players Beat Destiny's Infamous Vault of Glass

Back when Destiny‘s “Vault of Glass” raid was released, players were warned it was “the most elaborate mission ever created by Bungie.” With the mysteries of the Vault now cracked, players are testing their strength by reducing completion times and party sizes to unbelievable sizes. Now, a two man squad has conquered Bungie’s devilish raid, and it’s all on video for your gawking pleasure.

Slayerage and Furball (arguably the best dynamic duo names known to FPS gaming) used a hefty dose of coordination, teamwork, and the Sunsinger Warlock’s self-resurrection ability to accomplish their feat. The team even tackled the Atheon battle by constantly dropping and picking up the Relic, fearlessly fighting Oracles in the moments between.

Hats off to the latest Vault of Glass heroes. We can’t wait to see you try it on Heroic.


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