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Trailer: The Evil Within Looks Like Disgusting, Gory Fun


Trailer: The Evil Within Looks Like Disgusting, Gory Fun

It’s gross, it’s gory (and kinda squishy sounding), it’s The Evil Within.

Developer Tango Gameworks (published by Bethesda) attempts to breathe new life into the waning survival horror genre this October, releasing a lengthy new trailer, “Fight For Life,” on Monday. The trailer highlights some of the game’s disgusting and scary looking baddies, known as “the haunted,” protagonist Sebastian will face in the upcoming third-person freak show.



And it’s not just the haunted that Sebastian will have to watch out for as the environment itself is alive with all types of traps and puzzles. Though, while a threat to his own life, Sebastian can turn the tables and use the environment against the haunted.

The Evil Within

Tripwires, proximtiy explosives and noxious gas are a few of the lethal hazards that threaten Sebastian.

The trailer also introduces us to The Keeper, who looks like a giant with a barbwire-encircled safe on his head (which apparently holds the harvested brains of his victims) wielding a particularly nasty looking hammer. It’s here where we’re introduced to the Sebastian’s most versatile weapon, the agony crossbow. The crossbow features several different types of bolts, from harpoon to explosive to shock to freeze bolts, offering a variety of ways to dispatch your would-be pursuers.

The Evil Within

At least he has somewhere to keep his victims’ brains and his wallet safe, no pun intended.

For more information (and to see the always priceless testing reaction video — “Run, fool!”), check out the official website here.  Click here for more information on the season pass.

Pick up The Evil Within on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 on Oct. 14, and be sure to have a spare change of shorts handy. This one might get messy.


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