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Thomas Was Alone Development iMac Auctioning for Charity


Thomas Was Alone Development iMac Auctioning for Charity

Would you like to own your own piece of gaming history? A completely one of a kind item that no-one else on this earth has any chance of laying claim to could be yours. The iMac used by developer Mike Bithell to create indie sensation Thomas Was Alone is up for auction in support of charity Special Effect.

It is however broken.

Special Effect are a UK-based charity who specialize in making the wonderful world of games accessible to those with disabilities which would normally exclude them from the hobby. If you’ve been to EGX Rezzed or EGX London this year you may have seen their eye-tracking technology in full effect. Charities such as Special Effect make huge changes to lives and such an auction would go towards making someone’s life much better. To put the value of donations in perspective, £250 is enough for the organization to be able to bring their equipment to special schools and give disabled children a taste of what they may long to enjoy – like Thomas Was Alone.

If you’re a fan of Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell, indie games in general or simply the idea of helping someone enjoy the games you love, this is an opportunity not to be missed. So what if it’s broken and has no hard drive. You could refit it with the necessary parts, possibly with your eyes on creating your own indie smash hit from the iMac which already had a hand in creating one.

At the time of writing the broken 20″ iMac desktop which birthed Thomas Was Alone is at £92 with shipping only available in the European union – sorry America and Canada – for £25. The auction ends at 23:07 BST on October 24th 2014 and “All proceeds will go to Special Effect”. Should the price be a little much for you, you can donate directly to Special Effect here in a lump sum or even on a monthly basis as well as start your own fundraising campaign.

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