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The Flame in the Flood Trailer Messes with Your Emotions


The Flame in the Flood Trailer Messes with Your Emotions

There’s always a surprise waiting for me on Kickstarter. Lately, many former AAA developers have been launching crowdsourcing projects and some of them are showing a lot of promise. As soon as I saw The Flame in the Flood’s trailer I knew there was something special going on.

This upcoming 2015 game is being developed by The Molasses Flood, a game development company made up by what it calls “AAA refugees”, a group of developers including former Irrational Games, Harmonix and Bungie employees. These guys were responsible for titles such as Bioshock, Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Halo, so we know what they are capable of.

Despite this amazing team background, The Flame in the Flood is already showing some merit of its own: gorgeous aesthetics and an already remarkable soundtrack (composed and performed by Chuck Ragan).

The Flame in the Flood

As the project’s Kickstarter page tells us, The Flame in the Flood will be a survival rogue-lite river journey in which players will navigate on procedurally-generated rivers while scavenging islands in a forgotten post-societal America. Besides crafting, looting and looking for shelter, players will also have to deal with diseases and afflictions in what look like pretty cool survival mechanics.

As soon as the video ended I felt the need to make a contribution to the project. Yeah, I’m a bit soft, but besides a very beautiful trailer there’s a lot of promise in what may very well be a little unexpected 2015 jewel. Let’s wait and see.

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