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Swery 65 Says D4 "Never" Coming to PS4


Swery 65 Says D4 "Never" Coming to PS4

D4 is the funky little game from one of my favorite developers, Swery 65.

So far, lots of people have enjoyed this fantastical murder mystery, and I personally can’t wait to play the game myself. Or I would if the man himself didn’t recently tweet out that the game will “never” come out for the PS4.

You see, D4  is an Xbox One exclusive, one of the first that was announced for the system actually. The game even originally included Kinect only controls until Microsoft dropped the peripheral in favor of their controllers. It was an interesting move by Xbox to acquire exclusivity to one of Japan’s quirkiest developers, but the gamble seems to have paid off with people expressing keen interest in D4. So while Xbox One fans can experience this neat little adventure, PS4 fans remain left out in the celebration.

However, Swery was oddly quiet when regarding a PC release for the game. Of course, we know the fate of some Xbox One exclusives that eventually went PC, don’t we?

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