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These 3 Super Smash Bros Characters are Seriously OP


These 3 Super Smash Bros Characters are Seriously OP

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Super Smash Bros for 3DS launched today in North America, and after a whole day spent with the enormous cast of characters, a select few have proven themselves to be noticeably more powerful than others. While it is still too early to call any of them “broken,” these three are worth keeping an eye out on when it comes time to analyze character rankings and tiers. This is neither an exhaustive list nor an assertion that they are the most powerful characters on the roster, only that they are really damn powerful on their own.

Little Mac

Little Mac Super Smash Bros 3DS Wii U

Early looks at the character for the past couple of months have proven themselves pretty valid. Little Mac, a newcomer to Super Smash Bros from Punch-Out!, has quickly emerged as one of the game’s more potent fighters.

Little Mac has that deadly combination of excellent speed and raw power. He’s incredibly quick and dances around the fighting stage exactly as you’d imagine (and hope) a boxer would. He can turn on a dime and continue a relentless assault if you manage to slip by him. If he throws you across the stage, he can reach the other end to keep you juggling before you can even safely land. His fully charged neutral special is reminiscent of Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch, except with much longer range.

His Final Smash transforms him into Giga Mac, a larger version of himself akin to Giga Bowser. As you might imagine, he becomes significantly more powerful while in this mode (a temporary transformation) and becomes immune to flinching and being launched.

As a bonus, his Power Meter from Punch-Out! makes a return. On the bottom screen, a bar will gradually fill up as Little Mac both deals and receives damage. Once full, the game will urge you to use your neutral special for what will more than likely be a one-hit KO on whoever you are fighting. His recovery is decent at best, which is great, considering he needed to have at least one noticeable drawback. Expect to see a lot of Little Mac in your more competitive matches.

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