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Sunset Overdrive Gameplay: An Hour and a Half of Colors and Explosions

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Sunset Overdrive Gameplay: An Hour and a Half of Colors and Explosions

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is due for release very soon. Given that, Microsoft and Insomniac Games are slowly allowing Sunset Overdrive gameplay videos to trickle out and pique the interests of fans.

With that, YouTube user Arekkz Gaming has provided us with a glimpse of Sunset Overdrive gameplay through its first half hour.

Sunset Overdrive is a third person shooter that is absolutely laden with comedy, color, and explosions. Really, the whole game comes across as quite a farce. But an incredibly fun and great-looking farce. Sunset Overdrive certainly breaks the mold in comparison to so many others, and that much ought to grab plenty of interested fans.

Watch live video from xbox on Twitch

Make sure you check out our preview of it over at Tokyo Game Show just a short while ago. You can look forward to your own Sunset Overdrive gameplay on October 28th.


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