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New Sims 4 Updates Add Missed Features for Free


New Sims 4 Updates Add Missed Features for Free

It’s been a month since the release of The Sims 4 and EA has announced that the first of 3 major updates is coming out today. Guess what? The DLC is free. Yup. We all thought that we would have to pay for this damn update, but we get it for free. It’s like a dream come true.

In this update, ghosts are being added… OOOOOOHH SPOOOKYY! When your sims die, they can come back to the world of the living and have the same attributes they had when alive, but the twist is they get special behaviors based on how they died. If you want to, you may even be able to find a way to bring them back to life.

Sims Ghosts Update

 Who here hasn’t wanted to have someone from Star Wars in their household? Well now you can… at least in The Sims 4. Give your Sims Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Pilot Suit or even Darth Vader’s suit and for the extra daring, you can dress them as Yoda… yes… Yoda.

Sims Star Wars Update

Other small changes include new eye color possibilities and a few minor bugs.

According to the Sims website:

• “In November, get your Sim-suits ready (too much pun? Sorry!) because pools will make their triumphant debut in The Sims 4.”

• “December is Put-Your-Sims-To-Work Month, as we introduce new Career paths and rewards.”

You can get the update by getting on Origin and download the patches as they are released.

Happy Sim-update-patch-daying!

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