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Ryse on PS4? Crytek "Open" to the Possibility


Ryse on PS4? Crytek "Open" to the Possibility

Ryse landed alongside the Xbox One as a launch title way back in November last year. Just this week, the action game landed on the shores of PC nation. What could be on the cards for its future? Well according to Crytek, the future of Ryse could rest on Sony’s PlayStation 4 if you read between the lines.

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli confirmed some months ago that Ryse not tied to Microsoft in anyway as the developers own the IP rather than the Seattle console manufacturer. Producer Brain Chambers said in the following statement that “[Crytek are] always open to new opportunities for our franchises, although for the moment we have our focus firmly on bringing Ryse to PC players, as well as the ongoing development of our other IP’s: Warface, Arena of Fate and Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age“.

For those who may be confused as to how this could happen what with Microsoft’s name being emblazoned in the opening titles on Xbox One, they only published the title and did not hold any power over the IP itself.

This isn’t an altogether definite stamp of the studio saying Ryse will be headed to the PlayStation 4, but with them saying they are “open to new opportunities” rather than simply saying “no” it could be a sign that this may be happening. It wouldn’t be a quick jump though, seeing as bringing Ryse to PC took almost 12 months. Fingers crossed for the future if you have any desire to play the visual smorgasbord on your trapezoid Sony machine.

Crytek has yet to announce any definite future plans for the series but it would be safe to assume the next move may take Ryse multi-format at launch. PC owners with a rig capable of playing the game now can buy Ryse: Son of Rome on Steam.

Source: WorldsFactory

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