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How to Fix PS4 2.0 Masamune Brick


How to Fix PS4 2.0 Masamune Brick

Having just experienced this myself, I figured it might be a good time to warn others of the problem. Earlier today I updated my PS4 to the 2.0 operating system and spent a little time playing some more Lords of the Fallen in the office. Not long after I went to turn my PS4 off only to see the new Enter Rest Mode option. Thinking “Well why not”, I selected that option and left my system running for the afternoon. Coming back to it this evening however, it looked like Masamune had bricked my PS4.

Worry not though, because it didn’t. I did however suffer a pretty severe heart attack when it looked like my angular black box had died a death.

If this happens to you or you are concerned about what to do if this happens to you then read on. You’ll find some handy tips and instructions to both avoid and deal with the problem.

How do you avoid a problem like Masamune? Well that’s quite simple. Don’t activate rest mode. Whatever was wrong with the original Standby mode the PlayStation minions only know. The best bet is to either leave it turned on at the home screen if you have to download or shut down your system. Entering rest mode probably isn’t worth the risk.

Should you be struck by this sudden apparently bricked console then here’s what you do. First of all, stop having that panic attack.

The next thing to do is place your finger over the power button until you hear a pair of beeps (should take at the most 10 seconds between each). Doing this puts the PS4 in safe mode. After this plug your PS4 controller and select the fifth choice which is Rebuild The Database.. This will rebuild your database and save your PS4 from becoming nothing more than a doorstop thanks to the PS4 2.0 Masamune update. This is the recommended option and the only course of action you should talk. It’s even being advised on Reddit.

At which point you start to curse the existence of Masamune and its new Rest Mode.

How did you fix your PlayStation 4 if it was bricked by Masamune? Let us know down below.

[Updated with the addition of Reddit column and this acknowledgement from Sony]

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