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PS Plus Fees to Increase in Some Regions


PS Plus Fees to Increase in Some Regions

Some PS Plus subscribers woke up recently to a rather unexpected and unpleasant piece of news today. A planned price increase was revealed to users in South Africa, the Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. Now when a company warns of price increases you might expect a 10 to 15% increase to stay in line with inflation or other changes in economic conditions. The price rises which struck users in these locations though was more of a price hike.

These users were only given a day’s notice before the increases struck and they were quite high. South African PS Plus subscribers were told that a 3 month subscription would now cost R219 rather than R145. To put it into a perspective that might be easier to comprehend for those unfamiliar with the South African Rand, a 3 month subscription to PS Plus used to cost $12.86 and now will cost $19.43. That’s an increase of 51%.

PS Plus

For those with 12 month subscriptions the leap was even larger, rising from R489 ($43,38) to R749 ($66.45), Save the calculator there, its 53%.

If the same increases were to come to US PS Plus subscribers 3 months would cost $27. 16 and an annual subscription would be $76.48.

Sony have said that they will not be doing the same in North American regions and attribute the changes to various market conditions in these regions.

Source: GameInformer

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