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Pokemon ORAS Lets Players Fly Over Hoenn


Pokemon ORAS Lets Players Fly Over Hoenn

A new trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire shows off a brand new feature coming to the 3rd generation remakes, the ability for players to fly over and explore the skies of Hoenn.

While you’ve been able to use the HM Fly as a means of quick travel, trainers in Pokemon ORAS will encounter the legendary Latios or Latias (depending on the version) and can use them to fly over Hoenn with their “Soar” ability. While in flight, players can discover hidden islands, find rare Pokemon and items, and participate in aerial Pokemon battles.

Around the game’s mid-way point you’ll gain a flute to summon one of the pair to ride around on. Although only one of the pair can be found in each game, Nintendo will release a special Eon Ticket later this year to gain access to the other.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire release on November 21st only on 3DS.


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