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Planetside 2's Nanite of the Living Dead Halloween Event Is Live


Planetside 2's Nanite of the Living Dead Halloween Event Is Live

Planetside 2 has recently launched its Nanite of the Living Dead Halloween event. This event launches alongside a large update bringing a load of new changes, balances, additions, etc. to the free-to-play FPS.

Nanite of the Living Dead tasks players with seeking out genetically modified space pumpkins during battle. These aren’t just your ordinary space pumpkins however. According to the developer, these pumpkins have “literally dozens of proven medical and scientific uses that are beneficial for most humans. Unfortunately due to a recent class-action lawsuit, we are currently unable to discuss these uses, but boy oh boy are they great!”

More importantly for Planetside 2 players, these pumpkins (when located and destroyed in battle) drop seeds that can be turned in for event themed items. Also, new directives related to the event have been added, and when completed will yield “special rewards.”

Check out the post describing the event on the Planetside 2 forums for all of the nitty gritty details on the Nanite of the Living Dead and its accompanying update.

nanite of the living dead

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