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Planet Pokémon Fan-Made MMO Public Pre-Alpha Released


Planet Pokémon Fan-Made MMO Public Pre-Alpha Released

For years people have been clamoring for a Pokémon MMORPG. The world created by this franchise gives itself to the idea so beautifully, the fact one has never come to the world is a sad one. However, thanks to the PokeGen community, the prospect of catching them all and battling fellow trainers in an online world is finally becoming a tangible reality with Planet Pokémon.

The currently available pre-Alpha so far has a basic multiplayer system with in-game chat functions. There’s also the chance to engage in real time battles with the starter Pokémon you can catch. The future for Planet Pokémon  will bring in even more features – obviously-  including skill trees for both Pokémon and characters.

Perhaps the most exciting of the planned features are the ability to venture into the open world and battle or tame wild Pokémon and taking on Pokémon Leagues.

Those interested in giving this a try should head to the Planet Pokémon forums and download the pre-alpha build (available for Windows and Linux). It should be noted that the development team have stated that “the game’s code and assets will be completely reworked and rewritten after this version.”

If you want to know more about the planned features a wiki page has been created to list them all. You can even take a trip over to the official community forums to check up on new builds, progress, and get involved in chats with the Planet Pokémon community.

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