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Nintendo Hates Money and These 4 Games Prove It


Nintendo Hates Money and These 4 Games Prove It

Nintendo is not in a great place right now. The Wii U is struggling, and even great games such as Mario Kart 8 haven’t been enough to turn the tide. If Super Smash Bros. doesn’t get the job done this holiday season, then Nintendo and the Wii U could be in big trouble.

While the hardware and third party support have been under constant criticism, Nintendo can get themselves out of this mess as they have done in the past. There are a couple of game ideas that, like it or not, everybody knows would print money. But Nintendo hates your money, and they will never get made. Here’s the list:

A New Metroid Game

nintendo samus

For whatever reason, despite the commercial and critical success that was the Metroid Prime trilogy, as far as we know Nintendo has yet to green light Retro Studios to create a new Metroid game. Retro went on to make a new Donkey Kong Country game, which did turn out great. But why Nintendo and Retro decided to create yet another similar DKC game (despite also being of high quality), left a lot of people scratching their heads. Many Nintendo fans are desperate for a new Metroid title from Retro. Even just an announcement of such a game would generate a ton of excitement.

While a full fledged, new console game in the vein of Metroid Prime would probably sell an absurd amount of Wii Us, even an HD re-release of the Prime games would probably get the job done if times are that tough at Nintendo. Really any kind of piggy backing off of the beloved Retro developed Metroid games would make Nintendo a lot of money. But Nintendo hates money so let’s move on.

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