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New Screenshots and Details for the Next FFXIV Class and Job, Rogue and Ninja


New Screenshots and Details for the Next FFXIV Class and Job, Rogue and Ninja

Square Enix has released some information on the upcoming new Final Fantasy XIV Class and Job (Rogue and Ninja), due to be released with the next major FFXIV update, Dreams of Ice (Patch 2.4). Although it looks similar to thieves from previous Final Fantasy games, the Rogue in FFXIV is more of a Robin Hood like character

“Lurking in the shadows, adhering to no laws but their own, they punish the wicked, pilfering their ill-gotten gains and delivering them to the downtrodden masses.”

The FFXIV development team has said in the past that going with the more traditional Thief role would not fit in with FFXIV’s lore. In addition, the names of some of the class related quests have been revealed as well on the Lodestone.

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Unlike the Rogue which is technically a “Class”, the Ninja is considered a “Job”. The main difference being that Jobs are more specialized versions of the basic classes. Jobs require one class at level 30 and another at level 15. That would make Ninja the advanced specialized version of the Rogue.

Square Enix is a little more tight lipped about the Ninja, choosing not to reveal any of the related quests and what the other class requirement will be. Offering up only this description:

“Hailing from the war-torn lands of the Far East, the secret arts of the ninja were born of necessity, and have since given rise to a unique breed of highly-trained combatants.  Able to manipulate the vital energies of the land, the air, and living beings, they manifest their power through the weaving of signs, unleashing a wide array of attacks against their foes. Master the arts of the ninja and learn to bend the tide of battle to your will.”

A firm release date for patch 2.4 is still unknown, but it is expected to be announced sometime around the FFXIV Fan Festival which begins in Las Vegas on October 17th and will run through the 19th.

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