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The New 3DS' New Stylus Acts as a Crowbar….New!


The New 3DS' New Stylus Acts as a Crowbar….New!

Seriously though, calling the new 3DS the New 3DS is a dumb thing.

Anyways, the New 3DS launched in Japan a few days ago and Nintendo has been rolling out helpful video tutorials showing off all the new features of the new, New 3DS. One of these new interesting features relates to the fact that the New 3DS has customizable outer faceplates. These faceplats are exclusive to the smaller version of the system (as opposed to the XL), but makes for a strong selling point for those of us who really enjoy personalizing our belongings (this writer in particular loves customization options).

So, with that said, the stylus for the New 3DS can be used as a sort of crowbar to help pry off your 3DS faceplate to replace with another one. Or at least that’s what this video tutorial from Nintendo demonstrates. Honestly I just thought it was great fun seeing this interesting functionality to the stylus. New stylus…for the New 3DS…which will be out in North America sometime next year probably.


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