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5 Movie Licensed Games That Will Make You Sick


5 Movie Licensed Games That Will Make You Sick

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Notorious among seasoned gamers as embarrassments to the art form that video games embody, movie licensed games take the cake for some of the worst games of all time.

While not all games based off of a movie are inherently bad, most are the product of a dirty marketing tactic that gives developers incredibly strict deadlines for development in order to save money. They do this in addition to making the release of the game coincide with the movie release, to fully utilize the brand name by effectively minimizing the expenditures on advertising while maximizing profits.

The most standout revolting growths on the amorphous mass that are greedy companies are recognized here, for their uncanny ability to almost be bad enough to be fun. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial video game obviously should be recognized, however, we have all heard this was ‘the worst game ever created’ enough times now. We all know Aliens: Colonial Marines also deserves a (dis)honorable mention, but doesn’t appear on this list due to the fact it was not directly based on a movie.

As the nature of terrible games are quite unique and specific to each case, the following are in no particular order:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1


360 No-scope headshot, noob

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Wow, the Harry Potter story would make a great third person shooter game!” If so, your dream come true back in 2010. Duck-and-cover mechanics fuel nearly all of the gameplay, and with the majority of spells being next to worthless in terms of combat effectiveness, the only useful spell turns out to be “Stupify”, the starting spell!

Unsurprisingly, the games core revolves around shouting “Stupify!” at waves of idiotic A.I. that stand in the open and do the same to you. The levels, you soon learn, are completely repetitive and linear, with only three tiny mini-games to break up the monotony between missions. On top of all that, it very quickly becomes apparent that enemies are meaningless towards mission progression making the temptation to simply dash straight past them for an hour and a half until game completion is all too appealing.


Gotta reload…

At very least the game’s missions closely follow the progression of the events from the first movie, with a bunch of death eaters and snatchers thrown in between to be able to call it an actual game. Cut-scenes depict all the major events, which unfortunately is only halfway rewarding, as the game time is so short (around 4 hours, without dashing through missions) you begin to wonder at the HUGE missed opportunity to add content and events that occurred in the book.

Overall, the games lack of satisfying gameplay and content make for one of the worst movie license games ever made. One would find more pleasure eating 100 booger-flavored Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans than to play this game.

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