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Mistwalker's Terra Battle Launches Free Next Week on Mobile


Mistwalker's Terra Battle Launches Free Next Week on Mobile

Hironobu Sakaguchi has had a nice career since developing Final Fantasy for Square way back then. Now his studio Mistwalker is creating unique RPG experiences wherever they can. Their latest effort, Terra Battle, coming to iOS and Android next week (October 9th).

A tactical RPG, Terra Battle features a similar grid-like battlefield, except instead of traditional turns to move your characters, you have 4 seconds to move your characters freely across the screen. You’ll need to position your units strategically for maximum damage and to eliminate all the enemies on the field.

This free download system is part of Mistwalker’s “download starter” campaign that will add more rewards and bonuses to the game the more people download the game initially. At two million downloads Mistwalker will proceed with a console version of the game.

I’ve been looking for a new game to play on my mobile phone, and considering I just got an awesome new Android phone I’ll be picking up this game to try out.

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