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Man Selling His 5,700+ Game, 50+ System Collection


Man Selling His 5,700+ Game, 50+ System Collection

We all have games somewhere in our house, but who has this kind of collection? (The seller) has them and is trying to sell all of these games and many many consoles for a total of $164,000.

If I had that kind of money right now, I would definitely consider this offer. I may be too young for the original Nintendo, but I played a lot on the Super Nintendo and would love to be able to revisit Super Mario World and Starfox. Imagine having all of the games that you played as a child back with you again. The feeling of immeasurable nostalgia, gained from playing a game you played as a child, can only be matched by a few things in this world.

Selling all of these games, one must wonder how hard it is going to be for to let go of this collection. It must have taken over 20 years to amass this kind of game collection and he will soon part with it. If there was one question I had to ask, it would be this: Is it worth losing something you worked for over 20 years on?

If so, then best of luck to and everyone should be cheering him/her on in this huge change in his life.

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