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The Judge – Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide


The Judge – Lords of the Fallen Boss Guide

This is it. The final boss battle. You’ve fought your way through magical twins, monstrous beasts, even a creepy-ass spider thing but you’re finally at the end. It is a little sad then that fighting against the Judge is quite a poorly designed event. Nonetheless, we better get started and help you kill this mutated chap to finish Lords of the Fallen. 


The first time you enter into battle with the Judge you’ll be fighting him within a room atop his tower. This only happens for the first attempt though so if he kills you (and he likely will) you’ll start following encounters on the ground outside. He also heralds the return of health bar segments to Lords of the Fallen but only one. After this is depleted the Judge gains several new abilities at once rather than throughout the battle.

His first basic attack is a triple arm swinging combo which leads into a ground pound. Before we go any further, this ground pound has wider effect range than you think. The safest place to be when this happens is around his back and with a little space between you both. Those three attacks that come before the ground pound are especially easy to block as they don’t come with any real haste, just one hell of a punch that will devour your energy bar.

His second is a one-two combo which begins in a punch then concludes with stabbing motion using that spike-laden left hand. This is easy to block and a fairly good opener but be wary after the ending attack. He has a  simple ground pound which still deals large amounts of damage. Usually he uses this most commonly after the one-two combo but he can actually throw it out at any time. It’s exactly the same as the pound from his first basic attack so the same tips carry over.

Your best chance to go in for the kill is after the ground pound following his triple arm attacks. When the ground pound subsides you’re free and clear to get in enough hits to take that health bar down.

The Judge also opens battle with a running charge and stomp (you’ll be used to this by now) which reoccurs when you’re at a distance. Simply roll to the side or run a little because when compared to the other charging stomps present in Lords of the Fallen, this one is nothing to write home about.

At the loss of his first health bar at any point he will begin to conjure a very powerful ability. For five seconds he is vulnerable to all attacks and you have to use this opportunity to deal as much unimpeded damage to him as possible. Use energy regen shards or an energy regeneration spell to keep your energy up to deal as much damage as possible in this important opening. When he starts to cast it a green mist swirls around him  and he roars to the sky as pictured above. After he is finished he retreats to the tower and leaves you to fight a bunch of infected zombies.

These aren’t the problem.

What is the problem are the firelines which he then summons across the ground. If you are caught in these they will deal tonnes of damage fast so keep moving until he is finished casting them (he casts 3) . After this you should deal with as many zombies as you can but don’t make this a priority. Your priority is to avoid the fire lines.

When he finishes he kills any remaining zombies and heals for an amount directly correlated to the amount of zombies alive. That should mean they are your priority but with the huge weakness he leaves when casting this spell, your priority is to stay alive for another shot at this phase. This can turn the fight into a war of attrition rather than a skill-based battle but in the end its worthwhile.

In addition to this as the fight goes on he’ll drop in a few more abilities. One is a ground-based pair of waves will will race towards you an explode. If you’re quick on your feet you’ll never find a problem with this – remember back to the Champion fight of Lords of the Fallen if this kills you. Another is a curse of sorts. It will remove a small portion of your health bar for the duration of the fight and never fades during combat. By itself, this is not a killer but it is something to keep an eye on if your health pool is low. You’ll know he’s blessed with the ability to do this when he glows red.

Just blocking does keep it at back, but the curse will be cast upon you when he strikes through your shield or stumbles you. Do be careful as this can also be used multiple times for a stacking effect. His final new ability is the arrival of a leap back. Doesn’t sound like much right? Well sit back down because it can be. It leads into a conal ranged attack using the spikes upon his left arm. Luckily it’s so easy to avoid you’ll almost forget it exists. Roll out of the way or block and you’ll continue on without worry.

Don’t just ignore this though as it gives you a beautiful gift of an opportunity to deal him some pain. After he uses it he is vulnerable briefly when he reloads his arm. Use this to your advantage and go to town on his malformed body.

Actually killing Lords of the Fallen‘s final boss is both simple and frustrating. There are many chances presented to you for kicking his ass but there are just as many pitfalls you can fall into. Chief among which are those deadly firelines which can very often lead to an instant and hair-tearing death. By saving your strength for the charging phase you’ll have the best chance of killing the Judge and ending the reign of Antanas for generations to come. That is, until you start a New Game+.

Lords of the Fallen has a number of boss fights which have been detailed on Twinfinite this past week. While you’re here why not check out our review, too!

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