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Humble Mozilla Bundle Allows Playing on Your Browser


Humble Mozilla Bundle Allows Playing on Your Browser

The latest Humble Bundle has arrived and it’s like none you have seen before. The Humble Mozilla Bundle allows people to play some great indie games directly on their internet browsers. Just click play and, well… play. No plugins, no installers, just not-too-long loading times and then hours of free gaming.

These games on the Humble Mozilla Bundle include titles such as FTL: Advanced Edition, Super Hexagon, Democracy 3 and Voxatron. As is usual with the site’s main bundles, more games will be added in a week or so, which means this offer can only get better.

Of course this is a pay-what-you-want charity bundle as are most of Humble Bundle initiatives. This time all Humble Mozilla Bundle contributions will go to the Mozilla Foundation, the Maker Education Initiative and CodeNow. Your payment will get you DMR-free copies and Steam keys for most of the games as well as some of their soundtracks.

I sincerely recommend contributing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some sneaky playing hours at the office or while you are away from your home PC, right?


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