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Human Resources Will Let You Command Human-Harvesting Monsters


Human Resources Will Let You Command Human-Harvesting Monsters

Don’t let the name fool you, Human Resources is no work simulator. Far from boring office work and employee complaints, this title developed by Uber Entertainment Inc. is based on a pretty smart pun. The humans are the resources alright, because you get to feed on them.

Human Resources is an apocalyptic RTS game in which players get to choose which Earth-destroying force they will command. At least for now, there are two factions: ancient tentacle monsters and huge robots. Both catastrophe armies use humans as their energy sources as they fight for map domination and destruction.

Besides a pretty innovative setting and strikingly awesome visuals, what really makes this project shine is the way levels are supposed to be completely destroyable. As can be seen in the game’s Kickstarter video, destroying buildings will grant rewards (in addition to juicy humans), strategic advantages and even better, skyscrapers can be used as weapons.

Taking all of these features into account, Human Resources looks like a great bet. Its Kickstarter campaign is already active and even though it’s definitely ambitious (with a funding objective of $1.4 M) I’m pretty confident I’ll get to play it eventually.

I really feel Human Resources can push the RTS genre one step further towards greatness, not only because it’s definitely gorgeous but also because very amazing new mechanics are being implemented.  Let’s be honest: using a goddamn building to hit an enemy is a whole new level of badassery.

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