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New Update For GTA Online Now Available


New Update For GTA Online Now Available

Rockstar Games’ Social Club has announced that GTA Online‘s newest content, The Last Team Standing Update, is out today.

The free update brings a variety of new powerful weapons, gear, vehicles, new creator capabilities and a selection of 10 new Last Team Standing maps.

Added to the arsenal over at any Ammu-nation, players will have access to the Heavy Shotgun for serious up-close encounters and the Marksman Rifle, for those enemies who are just too far for comfort. When you’re sporting new weapons, a new ensemble is a must-have as well. The update brings new masks, outfits, tactical clothes and even bulletproof helmets.


Two new motorcycles will be available to purchase with your GTA dollars, they are the Shitzu Hakuchou sport bike and the LCC Innovation chopper. If two wheels aren’t your thing, try the fancy Lampadati Furore GT.

For the creative out there, a new Last Team Standing Creator Mode is available, so players can create their own single-life deathmatch mode and play against one another.

Along with these additions, GTA Online has received matchmaking patches to make it easier to join online games and the betting limit has risen from $2,500 to $10,000.

GTA Online‘s Last Team Standing Update is available for download now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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