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Green Man Gaming Giving Away Free Games and More to New Users


Green Man Gaming Giving Away Free Games and More to New Users

Digital games distributor Green Man Gaming has recently announced that new users that sign up on its site will receive a free Welcome Pack. Or what is essentially a digital goodie bag of gaming stuff (including some free games). If you sign up with Green Man Gaming anytime in the month of October (and through some of November until the 10th), you will receive a code that gives you a 100% off on various gaming related gifts that include the following:

Gun Monkeys

Kung Fu Strike the Warriors Rise

Kung Fu Strike the Warriors Rise Master Level DLC

OnLive Games Bundle 7 day trial

Nosgoth Veteran Pack

The Journey Down Chapter One

Signing up is free and the only catch is that you have to opt into their newsletter. In addition to the free stuff, included in the Welcome Pack is a 23% off voucher that can be used on any game in the Green Man Gaming catalogue.

If you’re already signed up and want to receive the Welcome Pack bonuses, you can still receive the gifts if you purchase one of the following games: Alien Isolation (Digital Deluxe Edition, Alien Isolation (Nostromo Edition, FFXIII, NBA 2K 15, Civilization Beyond Earth, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, F1 2014, or The Evil Within.

While it may sting if you recently signed up and missed out on the Welcome Pack, at least the titles that will earn you the free gifts are popular soon to be released games. If you were planning on getting some new games this fall, there’s a good chance that one of those qualifying titles were on your shopping list anyway.

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