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5 Great Ways to Get Coins in Smash Bros 3DS


5 Great Ways to Get Coins in Smash Bros 3DS

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you’ll know that a new Smash Bros game is out – it’s actually out today. You’ll have seen people furiously pouncing on the latest roster reveals in the same room as those who endeavor to avoid spoiling the line up for themselves. There’ll be some in a small yet strong sect of the world who are looking forward to getting all the trophies they can in Smash Bros on 3DS. For that, as well as for increasing the difficulty of certain modes, you’re going to need coins. So here’s a short guide to the best and most efficient ways to obtain enough coins to keep you going in Smash Bros on 3DS.

Smash Bros It Up

First and foremost, we have the traditional mode everyone remembers. The mode many people let take hours of their lives, huddled around a CRT monitor in Super Smash Bros Melee. Smash mode is your run-of-the-mill festival of beating your opponents into nothing more than a pulp. When it comes to fighting against CPU opponents, this mode is just as fun and luckily, there are coin rewards rattling around in the coffers.

smash bros

For two minutes of hard beating, you’ll often receive something hovering around 25 coins just for indulging in glorious combat. You also get coins randomly just for doing things during gameplay, which all adds to the total. When you add up the base reward and the additional coins from battle, it isn’t uncommon to come out with around 40-50 coins for two minutes of Smash Bros time in .

If you’re really stuck on getting the most out of your fighting time, that equates to 20-25 coins per minute of button smashing. Take a standard ten minute gaming break you might get between classes or between two TV shows you’re watching, and that means up to 250 coins for 10 minutes of simple combat. It could be possible to get more if you’re a better fighter, but it’s a fair average to take. If that doesn’t sound overly appealing to you though, there are other options.

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