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Far Cry 4 Trailer Shows Off Arsenal


Far Cry 4 Trailer Shows Off Arsenal

With Nov. 18 quickly approaching, anticipation for some of the year’s biggest releases is beginning to ramp up.

Developer Ubisoft added some fuel to the fire with a new Far Cry 4 trailer, highlighting the game’s gunplay. The trailer introduces us to Longinus, a borderline offensive (it is Far Cry, after all) “reformed” former warlord who will be your weapons dealer.


Among the cache in his “church away from church” is the Vector .45 ACP submachine gun, the MG42 machine gun, mortars to “rain down judgement upon your enemies,” a kukri (the Nepalese version of a machete) for “close-quarters combat,” the P416 scoped assault-rifle and bait for attracting animals (throw some by an enemy and watch a tiger pounce!).

Finally, there also will be a flamethrower to “bring a cleansing fire to all sinners,” and an auto-crossbow for those moments when stealth is your best play.

Far Cry 4

“You can move like a thief in the night and strike down the opposition in silence.”

Click here to learn more about improvements to outpost takeovers in Far Cry 4, which will be available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3 consoles. 

Click here to visit Far Cry 4‘s official website.


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