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Far Cry 4 Designer Promises Outpost Improvements


Far Cry 4 Designer Promises Outpost Improvements

Far Cry 3 was one of the most popular, widely acclaimed games of 2012. With Far Cry 4 right around the corner — primed for a Nov. 18 release in North America — Senior Level Designer Vincent Ouellette recently filled fans in on a few things to look forward to.

There weren’t many big complaints about Far Cry 3 (just check out its Metacritic score), but perhaps its biggest drawback was how the outpost missions were set up. After deftly taking an outpost (hopefully by shooting open an animal cage and unleashing the beasts on unsuspecting guards), the entire area around it would become a little too safe. Safe to the point where there weren’t any enemies (other than the critters) standing in your way, thus making those areas very little fun to traverse.

Far Cry 4, Far Cry 3

Shoot the cage, unleash the beast, watch the carnage unfold.

And with 33 outposts in all, taking them over became a bit repetitive, especially in the latter stages of the game. Developer Ubisoft later patched in an option to reset the outposts after the game was beaten.

Ouellette revealed several new outpost tweaks that should keep gamers on their toes this time around in Far Cry 4.

“We spent a lot of time after Far Cry 3 reading forums and reviews and seeing what people thought about the game, and now we’ve put a lot of effort into correcting everything. With the outposts we now have ‘retaliations’ and harder Fortresses, which are beefed-up, heavily defended outposts,” Ouellette told StrategyInformer. “They’re like the boss of the district, but if you pick off all the outposts around it you’ll weaken the fortress. But any outpost around can be retaliated.”

“Sometimes, you’ll be exploring the world and you’ll get a call, ‘Hey, we’re being attacked at this outpost.’ And if you head there you’ll get a reversal where you have to defend an outpost rather than attack it. And of course we have the option to reset outposts that we patched into Far Cry 3, or you can just head to a captured outpost and choose to replay it, perhaps with a difficulty modifier. We’ve even got a leaderboard for those.”

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