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Far Cry 4 Gets Collaborative with Childish Gambino


Far Cry 4 Gets Collaborative with Childish Gambino

*Disclaimer: This trailer has NSFW audio*

Far Cry 4 already looks like a game about one long Himalayan bad trip. In order to help emphasize that ethereal-ness, developer Ubisoft Montreal has decided to enlist the talents of uber-cerebral rapper, Childish Gambino. Gambino, also known as comedian/writer/actor/producer Donald Glover describes his track “Crawl” used for the game as being the “most weirdly political and most weird…something amazing but also is terrifying.” That’s a very apt description for the trailer that the song was interspersed with.

You see glimpses of the conflict between Pagan Min’s forces and the rebellion, glimpses of Hindu and Buddhist mystics, reverse blood red waterfalls, elephant booty, and perhaps the most impressive aerial “combat” ever designed for a first-person shooter. There will be those who will say that “Crawl” doesn’t fit the tone or aesthetic of Far Cry 4, but just listening to the track convinces you that it belongs. It’s as ethereal as the game, and as Glover says at the beginning of the video, “I feel like, y’know, life is fucked up…so why wouldn’t it be fucked up?” Why not, indeed Mr. Gambino.

Far Cry 4 releases for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on November 18th.

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