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The Essential Guide to Destiny 1’s Iron Banner Event


The Essential Guide to Destiny 1’s Iron Banner Event

It has been almost a month since Bungie released Destiny, its brand new shared world shooter. Millions of hours have been poured in as players all over the world have built their legends. One of the major proving grounds for Guardians trying leave their mark in the Destiny universe is the Crucible. The Crucible is a player versus player (PvP) arena that lets you duke it out with other Guardians on an even playing field.

But what about those of you who have fine tuned your avatars into Guardian-slaying warriors? Why should your talents be reduced so that others may stand a fighting chance? Luckily for you, Destiny will launch its latest event tomorrow on October 7th: The Iron Banner.

The Iron Banner is a challenge that invites all to compete for glory and unique rewards. Removed are all limitations on your abilities, armor, damage boosts and any other stat increases earned by your equipment and subclasses. Now you will fight as your Guardians in the way that you have trained them to be. As you endeavor to prove once and for all that you are the strongest around, we have gathered some tips that will prove useful in your battles. Use them to build the best strategy that suits you and shows the world your strength.

1) Your Class Can Make or Break You

If you’re even considering entering the Iron Banner event then you’ve probably already put some time into Destiny. This means you should already understand what the classes are. Destiny presents you with the option of three classes: the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. Your choice here is your first line of offense and defense.

While each class is relatively balanced, they have their own skills and modifiers that will make them deadly in different ways during the Iron Banner. For instance a Titan Defender is built to withstand ridiculous amounts of damage, especially with its Ward of Dawn ability. On the other hand you have builds that utilize the Hunter Gunslinger which can deal out major death with its Golden Gun supercharge ability.

Not only is the proper class and subclass important, but making sure that they are leveled up is also vital. Although you are able to participate in all Crucible activities, including the Iron Banner, once you reach level 5, it isn’t the greatest idea. While a level 5 Guardian is more than enough to tackle the standard challenge, the lack of balancing in the Iron Banner will crush you like a bug. It’s imperative that you have as many upgrades to your subclass as possible if you hope to achieve success.

While all builds are valid options, it is better to stick to one that you’re comfortable with rather than one you think is stronger. The Iron Banner is to test not only your strength but your skill. Going in with a class or subclass that you are unfamiliar with can be detrimental to your Guardian’s health. Keep this in mind when choosing who to take into the fray.

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