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Driveclub Update Improves Online Game Features


Driveclub Update Improves Online Game Features

When Driveclub launched last week, many players were disappointed with the performance of the servers. There were issues with connectivity and using some of the game’s online features. Given Driveclub’s social focus, it was only a matter of time before developer Evolution had to release a statement acknowledging the issues.

With Driveclub server update 1.03 having released earlier this week, Evolution promises solutions to some of the connectivity problems players have been experiencing. In a statement released along with the update, Evolution apologizes for the rocky release and reiterates that they are working on issues that remain with the online features:

We are working hard to get everyone online as soon as possible.
We have just released another server update that has increased the number of players racing which is good news, but in order to keep building on these numbers we will be running further updates in the coming days that will affect availability of some of the online game features.

Some functions are temporarily unavailable including challenges and social updates, but for those of you that can connect, you will still be able to participate in clubs, leaderboards and online multiplayer races.

This is in addition to the single player Tour mode, custom solo events and car customisation that are available even when you’re not connected. We appreciate this isn’t ideal but this is really the best way for us to improve server performance and online play for everybody, and we will be switching on these features as further progress is made.

Thanks for bearing with us and sending us your supportive comments. Believe us, we know how frustrating this is for you and we are working non-stop to find the best solution to get you all connected and racing together online.

It’s also worth mentioning that the free, PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub has been delayed until server issues are resolved. Until then, we’ll post any relevant updates on the situation in the coming weeks.

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