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Driveclub Studio Shares Thoughts on G27 Wheel Support, Car Damage, and Upcoming Replay Mode


Driveclub Studio Shares Thoughts on G27 Wheel Support, Car Damage, and Upcoming Replay Mode

Driveclub, the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive racing game, is but one of many racing simulators in the woodwork this year.  With next week’s release comes many fan questions, and the Driveclub Twitter account has taken to clarifying a few details.

First up is a fan-favorite racing feature, damage. There’s something disturbing about a game that let’s you grind your vehicle against concrete railings without earning a scratch. Driveclub probably doesn’t want to be disturbingly unrealistic, but it’s always good to make sure:

So while you can tumble your car until it’s black and blue, the damage won’t hinder your driving performance. It’s a small step back from reality meant to keep gameplay just fantastical enough to avoid real driving frustrations. Sadly, I assume this means cars will not set fire, nor explode in any impressive fashion.

Next up is the hot topic of wheel compatibility. We’ve known for some time that the PS4 is incompatible with the Logitech G27, a popular wheel system. Still, the time between that discovery and now doesn’t remedy the burning disappointment in the hearts of some racing fans. Driveclub can’t do much to mend the technology issue, but they assure players that they’ll support wheels if and when incompatibility is bridged.

Replay mode is great fun, but not so much fun when it’s not actually in the game. Driveclub assures that a Replay Mode will be added as a free update. While it’s nice to have features up and running for release, it’s good to hear the team is working hard to fill in the remaining pieces of the racing puzzle.

Driveclub releases October 7 in North America, October 8 in EU, and October 10 in the UK. Let us know if you’ll be picking up this title, or any other racing games this Fall!

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