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Destiny Player Discovers Unreleased DLC Level


Destiny Player Discovers Unreleased DLC Level

There’s more to explore? Destiny has a DLC called The Terminus and it is coming out in 2015, but this youtuber (Nowise10) has found a pretty unique way to get to that DLC a bit early. Nowise10 makes videos finding easter eggs and doing challenge runs of games, all interesting and just amazing to behold.

Nowise10 made a very easy to understand guide on how exactly to get to the place where the DLC is. Currently, the area is not available to players yet, but in his guide, you can learn how to get to it with ease. The DLC area is already on the disc/files of the game and is unlocked by paying for it, but some of them have weird, but fun bypasses. He also lets us know about the 3 ghost locations, which seems to be a quest in the new area.

Getting to the new area involves a lot of jumping skill and precision, so beware the difficulty. Nowise makes it look easy, but it seems like it would be hard to do if not already pretty adept at jump mechanics.

Be sure to check out the guide and look at his channel for other easter eggy things!

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