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Destiny's Iron Banner Event Rewards Come to Light


Destiny's Iron Banner Event Rewards Come to Light

Has Destiny‘s Iron Banner Event got you all up in a buzz? Are you feverishly trying to get out of anything you’re doing as fast as you can to get back to some more Iron Banner Crucible matches? Well then you’re going to want to know what rewards are available aren’t you.

You can pick up the reward equipment from Lord Saladin who is found in the Traveler’s Walk area of the tower. This wonderful chap has a whole range of items on offer including special class gauntlets, additional class items and a far from disappointing machine gun named Jolder’s Hammer (pictured below).


You’ll need to get the correct ranks to unlock everything for this 7 day event in Destiny. Rank 1 is required to unlock the Iron Banner Emblem and Shaders, each of which providing a stacking 10% boost to reputation gains with Iron Banner. Rank 2 is needed to unlock Class items and Rank 3 gives you access to the armor items. It should be noted that Rank 2 class items also grant a further 10% boost.

Oh  and there’s a new legendary ship sitting among the treasure trove alongside a Hand Cannon.

You can see Destiny‘s Iron Banner event details in more depth here at their very own travel brochure of sorts. The Iron Banner event ends October 14th.


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