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Destiny Hotfix Lowers Auto Rifle Damage


Destiny Hotfix Lowers Auto Rifle Damage

This week’s Destiny hotfix brings new weapon tweaks, the biggest of which is a weakening of the game’s auto rifles.

The hotfix, which goes live on Oct. 14, will decrease the base damage on all auto rifles by two percent, reduce the precision damage multiplier from 1.50 to 1.25, and will lower the stability by four to 17 percent (driven by stat value).


Destiny’s auto rifles will now be slightly less effective.

On the flip side, scout rifles will see a damage increase of six percent, damage against other combatants raised by six to 25 percent (based on tier), and improved target acquisition and recoil tuning.

In-air accuracy also was increased for hand cannons, and the shotguns got a minor tweak, lowering the base damage at maximum range by 20 percent.

If you have the Vex Mythoclast, an exotic fusion rifle, the bad news is its base damage was decreased by a whopping 34 percent. But on the bright side, its precision damage bonus multiplier was boosted from 1.25 to 1.5.

Developer Bungie also posted a message to fans on twitter that more updates are coming soon, though, still no word on when players will be able to skip cutscenes.

Click here to read the entire blog post and to see all of the tweaks and bug fixes.


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