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Destiny Guide: How to Increase Your Light


Destiny Guide: How to Increase Your Light

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Addiction to engram hunting is a serious problem affecting many Destiny fans. This addiction is perpetuated by the evil Cryptarch dishing out depressing blue (rare) gear to Guardians from all over the globe. However, there is hope. You don’t need to obsess over those colorful balls of loot. Whether you’re a veteran of the loot cave or you give up and log off whenever the Cryptarch doesn’t give you what you want, I’m here to tell you that there is a better way.

When you go out hunting and hoping for engram drops, it’s akin to going out to the casino each night expecting to hit it big. Sure, there are some times when you will win, but the constant sting of defeat tends to outweigh the times of triumph.

Although Bungie doesn’t want to admit it, Destiny is very MMO-like. Which means there is going to be a fair amount of grinding necessary to get higher levels and better equipment. Instead of going to the casino every night, it’s time to get yourself an honest job.

What I’m going to tell you isn’t groundbreaking or new, but Bungie doesn’t do a great job of explaining on how things work, and it winds up being lost on a lot of players. There are still plenty of players out there that do not understand that sitting in the newest loot cave or playing Crucible expecting a purple engram every time they come in first is NOT the best way to make consistent progress in Destiny. Let me run you through a day in the life of an efficient Destiny player.

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